A Complete Guide To The Benefits And Functioning Of Ball Valves

Posted by Admin on January, 02, 2023

A ball valve from Single Piece Ball Valve Manufacturers is a shut-off valve that enables, obstructs, and regulates the flow of liquids, gases, and vapors in a pipe system. This is done by spinning a ball inside the valve that has a bore. The ball is positioned between two seats and is connected by a shaft to the operational and control system that turns the ball.

The fluid is not allowed to pass through the valve when the cross-section of the bore is perpendicular to the region of flow. The fluid flows via the valve, and the flow rate is determined by the amount of bore revealed to the floor.

Together with plug valves and butterfly valves, ball valves are a form of quarter-turn valve. They can be controlled manually or by an actuator. The easiest way to operate a ball valve is by using a spanner or a lever that is manually moved by an operator.

Torque is applied to open or close the valve by rotating the lever arm 90° clockwise or anticlockwise. When the lever arm is parallel to the pipe, it means the valve is open. When the lever arm is perpendicular to the pipe, the valve is closed.

Ball valves are available in a variety of designs and characteristics to meet a wide range of industrial requirements. Ball valve standards and specifications differ based on the industry.

Housing Assembly:

The valve housing assembly is generally split into three designs: one-piece, two-piece, and three-piece housings. The distinction lies in the way the valve is constructed, which impacts the alternatives for maintenance or repair. In each version, the valves operate in the same way.


This is the most affordable option. The two parts that round the ball are welded or pushed all together. Cleaning and upkeep of the valves are not possible. This kind is commonly utilised in low-demand applications.


Two-piece valves are simple to disassemble for cleaning, servicing, and examination. The parts are often connected using a threaded connection. The valve must be effectively eliminated from the pipe to distinguish the two parts.


More costly valves frequently have three components. Bolt connections are widely used to connect the parts. This approach has the advantage of allowing the valve to be maintained without requiring the removal of the entire valve from the pipeline.

Benefits On Offer:

Because the flow is restricted, ball valves cause a smaller pressure drop when contrasted to other types of valves. A substantial pressure drop across a valve in a liquid can cause turbulence and cavitation. Cavitation occurs when the liquid pressure goes below the essential pressure, resulting in the formation of the liquid's vapour phase. As the pressure returns to normal, the bubbles collapse, causing damage to the valve.

The ball valves rapidly limit or allow flow since they only take a quarter turn to fully shut off or open. This advantage is essential for controlling the fluid level in a tank or storage.

To spin the ball valve, a minuscule percentage of torque or a small actuator is required.

Lubrication is not necessary due to the surface properties of the chairs.

Because the ball seals snugly against the seats, there is less likelihood of leakage with ball valves. Fluid pressure performs the sealing process.

A variety of ball valve designs are available to meet the needs of a certain application. Some ball valve designs include features such as pressure relief, adjustable flow rate control, flow splitting and mixing, and so on.

Ball valves are less expensive.

Ball valves are simple to use and activate, and they pose little risk of leakage. Ball valves should not be throttled. To eliminate particle build-up between the ball and the body, proper maintenance is required.

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